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At the CAPTRUST Community Foundation we believe that the hearts and minds of children should be cherished, protected, and nourished.


What we do

Working to help underprivileged children

Plain and simple, we want to enrich the lives of all children. We support organizations that specifically help children with physical disabilities, illnesses, abuse, poverty, absence of a parent, and more. Over the ten years we’ve been in existence, we have fulfilled over 600 grants with that goal in mind. In some cases, we give small grants directly to vetted charities, and in other cases we provide larger grants and partner with charities to help them achieve more than money alone would provide.


Our Difference

Integrity. Honesty. Transparency.

We are fiercely protective over the sanctity and purity of our cause in order to help as many children as possible. They need us, and we want to be there for them.

The CAPTRUST Community foundation is committed to adding depth and breadth to the mission by providing insight into how all donations are used.

When you support the CAPTRUST Community Foundation, your money won’t go to salaries or overhead costs. Every single CAPTRUST Community Foundation representative or board member is a volunteer. And as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the foundation fully complies with numerous regulatory requirements.

The CCF conducts a thorough vetting process on all the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations supported through our mission to enrich the lives of children in the communities we serve. We only align ourselves with organizations possessing integrity, accountability, and proven progress and results.

Our Board

Leadership Team
Philip D'Unger Philip D’Unger President
Kim Griggs-Murray Kim Griggs-Murray Vice President
Vickey Collins Vickey Collins Secretary
April Winters April Winters Treasurer & Finance Chair
David Wahlen David Wahlen Events Chair
James Stenstrom James Stenstrom Grants Chair
Ashley May Ashley May Fundraising Chair
Michelle Miller Michelle Miller Volunteer Chair
Josie Dorris Josie Dorris Marketing Chair

Board Oversight

  • Melissa Colley
  • Greg Delage
  • Rhonda Downum
  • Mary Hime
  • Vivian Houchens
  • Todd Jones
  • Veronica Karas
  • Tiffany Larew
  • Bryan Lewis
  • Scott Wertheim
  • Cheryl Wickham