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CAPTRUST Community Foundation

Since the CAPTRUST Community Foundation opened its doors we have dedicated ourselves to helping our community.



We support nonprofits on both national and local levels.

The CAPTRUST Community Foundation grant program proudly supports 501(c)(3) charitable organizations throughout the country that share in the CCF’s mission to enrich the lives of children in communities we serve.

Through the CCF’s national grant program 501(c)(3) charitable organizations throughout the country are vetted before three organizations that share the CCF’s mission are selected to receive a $25,000 grant.

Another big part of the CCF’s grant program is the charity of choice. Through the foundation’s partnership grant, each year a substantial donation is made to a philanthropic organization, who, like the CCF, is committed to supporting children.

CAPTRUST Community Foundation

2021 Wrap Up

177 Grants Given
1055000 Dollars Given
326 Volunteers


Every dollar of your donation supports the CCF mission.

One hundred percent of donations made to the CAPTRUST Community Foundation go toward enriching the lives of children in communities we serve.

If you are interested in teaming with the CAPTRUST Community Foundation to support 501(c)(3) charitable organizations throughout the country that share our mission, we would love to have you!

There are countless ways to help. The foundation would be thrilled to pair individuals or groups with virtual or in person volunteer activities in our communities.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, the foundation would be honored to accept your generous financial support or in-kind donation of goods or materials.

Every dollar we raise goes to our 501(c)(3) foundation directly to fulfilling our mission and zero percent of it goes to salaries.


Get Involved

Our mission is to enrich the lives of children.

Did you know that every representative of CAPTRUST Community Foundation is a volunteer?

If you’re looking to join a team of passionate people dedicated to enriching the lives of children in communities we serve—you are in luck!

The CAPTRUST Community Foundation is committed to inclusion and diversity while nurturing a growing team of philanthropic enthusiasts across the nation. We are dedicated to connecting caring people, businesses, governments, and organizations to local initiatives that enrich the lives of children in communities we serve.

Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time in our communities, donate financially or in kind, or have something else in mind to make a difference in the lives of children now and in the future—the CAPTUST Community Foundation wants to hear from you!